Mordhau sells 1M copies, Patch 7 updates – What’s new?

Mordhau, the medieval combat simulator, has sold more than 1M copies today.

Developer Triternion posted the sales figures alongside release notes for its seventh patch and some new Steam Trading Cards.

New weapons include a javelin, which is basically a long spear that you throw (who’d have guessed?) and a new axe that has a repair hammer attached to it. This means you can literally go around slashing people and repair things simultaneously.

Patch 7 also has some new weapon rebalances, perk rebalances, and a new mute feature for those who want to play in silence to get fully engrossed in medieval warfare.

Cosmetics will also be present for players to work towards with various other game enhancements and QoL updates.

Triternion has also stated that the autoscroll for the scoreboard doesn’t scroll like crazy anymore. Now it just scrolls as much as needed.

The reticule will also color up when pointing at an enemy and changes for an ally. And there’ll be some assist/kill counter updates alongside some sound enhancements for swords and footsteps.

The newest update brings the new map Crossroads, which has a bunch of cool stuff that adds another dimension of gameplay.

Players will now be able to utilize horses, mortars, and even map objectives to add variety to the combat all in one map.

You can check out the post on Steam.

David Wong

David Wong

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