Summit1g claims controller users “shoot faster” on Halo Reach

Jaryd Lazar, better known as summit1g on Twitch, has quit Halo: Reach after he discovered that controller users have a huge benefit over keyboard/mouse users.

He wanted to try out the new Halo so it was a stream like any other. On December 18th, he decided to plug in Halo Reach rather than his usual streaming schedule of his regular titles.

As soon as played a few matches, he quickly realized that controller players could “shoot faster” than his keyboard and mouse counterpart. This quickly led him into a rant and eventually made him quit.

He didn’t realize it at first, but after a few matches, he noticed that his enemies could mow him down with few bullets than it took him. His only explanation was to turn to his viewers to discuss the problem.

“I want to look at that back. Someone shoots me twice and him shooting me once. I want to know how that guy just turned around with two sensitivity, hit me once, meleed me and I died.”

“I swear they shoot so fast, it’s not difficult for them to five-shot you.”

After a brief rant, he quickly closed the game and decided to “quit” Halo Reach. He was clearly frustrated at this point.

Later on, summit1g went on Twitter to apologize about some remarks he made during his controller rant: