Planet Explorers will be free on Steam, multiplayer code deleted 1

Planet Explorers will be free on Steam, multiplayer code deleted

The upcoming title Planet Explorers project by Pathea Games has been wiped, and now they’re making it free.

The code was apparently accidentally deleted, and the devs have decided that they don’t want to recreate the game again. So, they’re giving out the game for free sometime in the near future.

They’ve decided to scrap Planet Explorers in place of Planet Explorers 2, which will likely be the paid game that the prequel was supposed to be. Planet Explorers is basically a game that has players exploring a futuristic planet, collecting resources, and building a shelter on a new planet with various creatures.

The concept is definitely nothing new, but being that the game will be free, it’s worth a try if you’re into survival games. Current Steam reviews state that the game is still fun and just needs some polish. The multiplayer function is now completely broken, so that probably won’t be fixed (if ever).

Pathea Games stated that the server had its code deleted and now is completely broken. And they’d have to rebuild a portion of the game from scratch to make it work again. Plus they don’t have the tools they once did to recreate this part of the game.

Thus, they’ll just be donating the game out to the players for free starting next week, and focusing on their next project- Planet Explorers 2.

You can grab a free copy of Planet Explorers soon on Steam.