New Star Wars game in the works. Perhaps an MMORPG?

New “open-world” Star Wars game in the works based on a job posting

EA is working a new open-world Star Wars game based on a job listing posting for their studio in Vancouver.

The job position first appeared on March 20th, 2018 and is looking for a “Lead Online Engineer” that fulfills the task of leading a “team to delivery Online features for a Star Wars Open World project. To keep this discreet, no other details about the game were given. EA probably already knows that the only people looking at their job boards are probably fans of their games. It’s likely that someone will see this post and then post it elsewhere which will leak that a new Star Wars franchise underway. However, they’re mum about the details of the game.

EA also has not commented on the news as well.

Based on their previous titles, it’s only lukewarm in terms of what to expect. If they learned anything over the Battlefront II conversely about loot crates and microtransactions, they should not make the same mistake this time around. After they pulled the microtransactions and introduced their new level progression system, the fans released some of the bitter feelings toward their greed. The new progression system only allows players to win by experience and not wallet size.

This could be anything from an AAA MMORPG to just a mobile game. Who knows?

Regardless, this is an interesting move to put out another Star Wars title so soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Image via EA.

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