Ninja reveals his thoughts on the most underrated weapon in Fortnite

Ninja was playing his usual session of Fortnite on Twitch (not surprising), and he talked about his thoughts on the most underrated weapon in the entire game.

He was facing off with an enemy and he chose to use the Epic rarity of the Dual Pistols. He shot two bursts and easily killed his opponent. Then, he carelessly remarked:

“Dualies might be the most underrated gun in the game.”

Whether his opinion matters in the Fortnite weapon meta or not, he is one of the top and most popular Fornite players in the world. He wiped out his enemy rather quickly and killed him off with a clean round of shots from his Dual Pistols. They offer accuracy even at long range and offer decent damage with fast firing speeds to boot.

The pair of handguns were first introduced to the game in the V4.5 update, which consists of a pair of Rare or Epic Pistols that are equipped simultaneously and allow the player to shoot both at the same time with one shot. You can check out the clip here.

However, the Pistols never became “meta” with the players. Most top players prefer SMGs as the secondary to their main weapon, which is usually an assault rifle. Ninja did show off a tact of skill in the clip, but it’s likely not enough to sway many players to work them into their loadout.

Source: Dexerto

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