Ninja talks about his Mixer stats after leaving Twitch

Ninja’s viewer numbers have dropped immensely ever since he left Twitch to Mixer. The first mover who shook up the Twitch ecosystem has faced decclining numbers, which is to be expected.

If you think about it, some people just flat out refuse to move streaming platofrms, no matter how much they enjoy watching their favorite streamres. Out of the fans who did migrate, they’re likely attached more to Ninja than Twitch.

Anyone can see the before and after. His move has damaged a lot of his metrics and viewerbase. He commented on this recently during his Mixer stream.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has responded to a few members in his chat who were talking about his stats. During a live stream, some were talking about his numbers and Ninja comes out directly to tell the world what he thinks:

“Listen, I need you to understand something. I’m reading a couple of the comments, I can only assume you are talking about my viewers.”

He clearly hit the topic, and then responds with a snarky remark:

“I don’t think you guys understand how little I give a f***.”

Then he tops off his comment:

How little viewers mean to me right now on Mixer.”

It definitely seemed like he had some resentment over his numbers. If he really didn’t care, would he react so strongly? Who knows.

Judging from the clip, Ninja did seem pretty annoyed that this discussion was taking place. Plus the fact that he took the time to redirect his whole stream’s attention to this matter speaks volumes.

Ninja then comments on his remark:

“I enjoy what I do, man. And guess what? I get to do it. Without having to worry about my sub count.”

Whether or not he’s bothered by his hit in his active viewers, who knows?

Perhaps the amount was high enough that he doesn’t have to worry about his metrics anymore.

The follow-up he made did address the concern though, and it makes sense. He’s having a blast and that’s really the basis of streaming.