No SSBU character revealed at Game Awards; Nintendo fans make memes

The ‘net went nuts last night during The Game Awards.

Nintendo fans were expecting the fifth DLC character for Smash Bros. Ultimate to be finally revealed, only to be dragged on for 3 hours futile anticipation.

Players have been waiting a long time to see the next SSBU character and there was no other better time for Nintendo to reveal the next contender. Seriously, they screwed up.

Fans have gone into total mission critical meltdown on Twitter and Reddit, both of which were full of memes demonstrating their artistry.

Nintendo did tweet about the next character, hinting that the character could be revealed at The Game Awards.

Not only did this never happen, all we got were a few mentions of Smash Ultimate taking home the GOTY award.

That’s nice and all, but where are the character(s)?

There was also an orchestra performance of some SSBU music to close out the show, but that just teased the audience even more:

So at this point, there’s still no news about the next DLC character for Smash. The “mysterious” fighter that everyone’s still waiting for still hasn’t been confirmed.

We’ll have to continue this long wait to see whenever Nintendo finally is ready to reveal the character, but we probably won’t see anything else for the rest of this year.

Unless Nintendo has been put to shame from all the backlash this caused. How about a