Nintendo releases series of videos demonstrating “chain smashing” in SSBU

Nintendo rolled out a new series of gameplay videos for the upcoming (and much-anticipated) Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo switch. A new slate of videos demonstrating “chain smashing” have been released and show off the game’s new stages and characters.

With the game coming out in just under two weeks, Nintendo’s teaser trailers help sooth the itch just a bit. They refer to these new videos as “chain smashing” because of how they function. Three videos have been released which showcase many of the characters in SSBU getting beaten up across a variety of levels.

Each video is only 30 seconds in length and is basically a collage of nonstop action that feeds the attention span with the chaotic nature of each fighter after fighter getting blasted to a new location in quick succession. I feel like a mild case of ADD is surfacing after watching all three videos in a row.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been recorded as the highest pre-sales game of any Nintendo game in history. With a franchise that debuts once every new-gen Nintendo console, fans are always itching for the launch of their favorite Nintendo and crossover characters duking it out once again.

SSBU will roll out December 7th, 2019 and will feature a roster of 74 characters and includes every level ever made in the series’ history- plus plenty of new ones. The game will also be compatible with GameCube controllers and will probably challenge Melee for its title of being the competitive title.

The three “chain smashing” videos can be watched below:

You can pre-order Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Amazon exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. We’ll cover launch day stats as they show up. See you on the field!

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