Nintendo Switch Diablo bundle revealed; Get the details

Nintendo Europe announced that a limited edition, special version of the Switch console will be released to pair with Diablo III on the local EU markets. The pack will include Diablo III: Eternal Collection and a special console with docking base that has a custom paint job and special carrying case- all themed to D3’s getup. And the Ganondorf armor set will be paired with the bundle, of course.

There are no current reports on when the bundle may release in North America. The only news was a trailer and a few product picture show sing off the console and accessories, one of which is attached as the featured picture on this article.

UPDATE: Nintendo has announced that the Diablo Switch bundle will launch in the US at the same time as the EU market, but will exclusively be sold at GameStop.

Here’s a trailer showing off the awesome paint job:

The Switch Diablo bundle will launch on the same day the game rolls out- November 2nd. But then again, this is just for EU players. The game will be a port to console from PC back in 2012 and will obviously include extra content for the Nintendo market.

There were also rumors that the game would feature cross-platform play between the consoles, but that was later debunked by a Blizzard representative.

Here’s a screenshot of all the goodies included in the bundle:

Nintendo Switch Diablo bundle revealed; Get the details 2