Old-School RuneScape comes out on mobile

Old-school RuneScape (OSRS) launched for mobile platforms today on both iOS and Android. The game comes with cross-platform support and allows players to reminisce in the nostalgia of woodcutting, frustrating, or fishing. Players can even play with their PC account of OSRS and use the same character by synching their accounts.

The game originates from a mouse/keyboard combo, so on the phone, controls will be a little different. Jagex wanted to preserve the mobile experience as much as possible, as they said in a dev blog back in August:

We want to make OS Mobile feel as much like you’d naturally expect from a mobile app as possible; sliding in a direction to rotate the camera, pinching to zoom and quick touch gestures to interact with entities or open a menu.

The game is free to play and is a near perfect replica of the PC version. There are currently two other versions: Old-School RuneScape and RuneScape. Old-school RuneScape is the 2007 version of the MMORPG and RuneScape is the enhanced version running on an HTML5 client. But they both share the same gameplay principles, but vary in quests, armor, skills and more. There’s also a paid version that has exclusive content.

Even though RuneScape still has a raging fanbase, it’s not nearly as popular as it once one. OSRS has about 100K players, while the new RuneScape has just 30K recently. The mobile version should get some players back as its a modern engine to render the game in a portable way.

For players looking to get back into RuneScape on the go, try out RuneScape mobile.

You can check out a demo of the UI here:

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