Streamer Johnny_Now about to complete 30 days of being locked in a cage

A Twitch streamer under the handle Johnny_Now is almost done with his 30-day challenge of being locked in a cage. We wrote about his feat earlier when he was just starting, and now he’s about to complete his challenge.

A 30-day feat in a confined area with only access to his computer and a supply of basic necessities provided by a helper in an attempt to cure his addictions is about to be completed. He’s writing a book to document his progress entitled Into the Cage: Freeing Yourself Within. He believes this process is a self-improvement program which will help him stop his addiction like junk food and soda.

You can watch some popular clips here and here.

He’s “hopelessly addicted to food” and “hopelessly addicted to sugar.” He believes that securing himself in a small human hampster-like cage just may help him be free from his vices. He turns to imprison himself to break free. He plans to change careers before his “next adventure.” He also appeared on Rajj Patel’s dating show but had a tough time with the girls on there.

Johnny has not confirmed that the cage will be unlocked on November 2, 2018, at 9 PM ET. He’ll have a part surrounded by his friends. Hopefully, he doesn’t relapse during this party.

You can also keep up with Johnny’s progress here.

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