Oxygen Not Included releases a full game on Steam.

Oxygen Not Included enters full release on Steam

Klei Entertainment’s Oxygen Not Included will be going full release next month and leaving early access on Steam.

The developer has been working hard by adding new features, fixing bugs, and releasing content for quite some time now. The game was entered as early access on Steam since 2017 and has been in development since then.

Epic Games has also picked up the title since then, and the game has garnered a steady playerbase with its indie popularity.

The game is definitely a unique title, branching off the success of their previous title Don’t Starve. Over 2M copies have been sold since inception. Oxygen Not Included has many features players can utilize to mess around with, and more will be added when the game rolls out in full access next month.

The team has announced:

“three new biomes, new buildings, new creatures, and asteroid generation settings.”

The Developers are very thankful of the community for their support and feedback since the game was released on Steam. Co-Founder of Klei Entertainment, Jamie Cheng, states:

“We’ve been amazed at how the community has taken the game and run with it…It is all so much more than we could have hoped for and we’re so grateful for our community’s continued feedback and support,”

Oxygen Not Included rolls out next month to full access. You can buy at a discount for 25% off right now.

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