Path of Exile: Legion release date, details

Grinding Gear Games has revealed their latest update to the ever-popular Path of Exile.

The freemium MMORPG has a huge playerbase and is one of the most popular games on Steam.

Their newest update, called Legion, will be the 9th overall expansion to the base game. The update will include new gems, a new challenge league, new equips, and a reworked melee combat mode.

GGG has also redowne the combat system for melee players. Melee characters can now cancel attacks mid-animation after the damage has been done. Skills that require movement are now instantaneous, and new lower-tier skills were added for various classes.

Animations were redone and targeting was enhanced.

Melee damage will also have an AoE and harm nearby enemies. Accuracy will no longer be capped either. All these changes were added to rebalance most melee skills and offer a whole new playstle.

The PoE official site has a countdown timers and a list of changes.

Players will be able to explore Wraeclast and fight the military leaders to earn rewards. There will be Monoliths on the map, which reveal conflicts between various legions. Dealing damage to the Monoliths will release waves of enemies and thus loot after defeating them and reap the rewards. Various enemies will show the symbols showing the loot they drop, and players can chose accordingly which enemies to down to determine their loot.

Legion will launch with two paid support packs, Cult of Darkness and Blood Knight, which both have different prices upon release and their own sets of cosmetic microtransactions, armor, and various other pack content.

Path of Exile: Legion will be available on 6/7/19 for PC and 6/10 for PS4 and Xbox One.

David Wong

David Wong

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