Razer shutting down Ouya and Forge TV.

Razer to discontinue Ouya and Forge TV

Razer has announced that it’ll be halting service for Ouya and Forge TV product lines next month.

This means that all online services and stores for the two product lines will be discontinued, starting on 6/25. Razer stated that players are no longer able to access their accounts, games, or library on either of those servers.

For most people, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as both of these products have been long fallen off the radar of popularity.

Ouya was released back in 2012 after a Kickstarter campaign, and then was bought out by Razer 3 years later.

However, for those who’ve downloaded the games you’ve bought, you can still play those games. But only if you download them before the deadline on 6/25. After this, the games will vanish, so make sure you get a copy of them before they disappear.

The product lines have been forgotten by most players, and shouldn’t come as damasrs a shock to anyone at this point.

Just like game servers, Razer is now retiring their outdated and obsolete products. This only proves to be a waste of resources for them at this point, or perhaps they want to dedicate the resources towards newer projects.

Any remaining credits you may have on the store can be transferred to real cash. So grab your cash before the servers go offline.

Razer has also posted a FAQ regarding this for customers, and you should definitely check it out to see official details.

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