Players “locked” out of PT on PS4; Konami denies allegations

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced the web that Konami had recently released a new update for their horror game PT that was locking the game for specific players and making it unable to be played. However, this didn’t seem to be a legitimate action even with more player reports all over the ‘net.

Now, Konami has spoken on the issue. They said that there’s indeed been no new update to PT in version 1.01 that would’ve locked the game.

A statement sent to DualShockers read as follows:

“After our investigation we can confirm that there have been no Konami or PlayStation Network (PSN) update that would have affected or prevent access to the game.”

So that’s the confirmation we’ve been looking for. They never prevented access to the game. Though some players can’t access the game on their PS4, this is likely due to a licensing issue or region issue. The whole story could’ve been a hoax from the beginning, but with Koanim’s word, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

Though we can’t confirm the whereabouts of this story, we at least know that the developer didn’t actually take any action to lock the game. That’s about as much as we can confirm about the whole uprising. But if any other news surfaces, we’ll keep you updated. We suggest deleting PT and redownloading it if you can’t play the game right now on your PS4. Then again, this is just a demo. People do like drama.