Players spent over 121M hours in Sea of Thieves last year

Sea of Thieves has published their player numbers for the end of 2019, and they’re a little more than expected.

SoT is just around the one-year mark at this point and through multiple content updates, such as The Seabound Soul and the Anniversary Update, the game has grown plenty.

Players have amassed over 200B gold pieces so far, 216 billion to be specific.

  • Over 81M voyages have been completed.
  • 43M fish have been caught.
  • 44M skeleton ships have been encountered.
  • 25M Megalodons have been fought.
  • The Gold Hoarder has been killed 160K times
  • The Arena has had 526K competitions.
  • 6M barrels have been sold.
  • 104K players have taken the Dark Relic quest
  • 3.8M Reaper Chests have been sold
  • 12M visits to the Black Market.
  • 25M players have lost their lives in the Fort of the Damned.
  • 35K players have equipped the cosmetics from said fort.
  • 121M hours have been spent on the game.
  • And 1.6M ships have caught on fire.

Those are some surprising numbers for a game that many think flopped. At this point, the updates are still coming from Rare.