Pokemon and Adidas team up to make Pikachu sneakers

Pokemon Adidas have been announced, and they’re looking pretty sharp.

User Solebyjc on Instagram posted some picture of these sneakers.

If you want to bring over some Detective Pikachu in real life, you’ll have to complete your fan gear with these shoes. After the release some custom Pokemon sneakers to celebrate the premiere of Detective Pikachu, now there’s another pair of sneakers rolling out part of a partnership between Pokemon and Adidas.

They’re partnering up for a pair of low-top Pokemon sneakers. Bring out your inner child as you sport around town with these sneakers.

The sneakers have a print of Pikachu on a white background with a pencil and ink stylization. There’s an embroidered Pikachu on the sides of the shoe, colored in his signature yellow and black. There’s also a “Pokemon” text written on the front tongue and a Pokeball on the inner tongue.

Another post surfaced on Instagram by user hugoki reporting that we may see a Squirtle pair of sneakers joining the collection with Adidas soon. Both designs are similar, except the Squirtle shoes have Squirtle and his respective blue and black color.

To take this even further, Adidas may actually start a whole lineup of Pokemon character shoes, depending on sales. But this has yet to be solidified, just like the Squirtle pair. At this time, we just have confirmation of the Pikachu Adidas, and no release date yet.

Stay tuned for updates.

David Wong

David Wong

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Adidas doesn’t make Jordans. Nike makes Jordans, these are just shoes.


Updated. Thanks!