Rage 2 launch week content, DLC, free updates 1

Rage 2 launch week content, DLC, free updates

Rage 2’s post-launch content has fans hyped up as the game launches next week on May 14.

The roadmap for Rage 2 has already been released, which outlines future post-launch content, both free and paid. There will be a ton of free content rolling out monthly, and a paid DLC pack coming up also.

Some other content Bethesda has planned include everything from community challenges and events, new vehicles, new enemies, new expansions, and additional cheats.

The first set of challenges start on the week of May 14, where everyone who plays in them can get some free skins. The challenges will have everyone working together to complete them, and it seems like everyone will get the prize if it’s successfully completed. The first prize up for grabs is the Vomit Comet Pistol Skin.

Following that, there will be weekly challenges taking place in May and June. June will bring the first major Rage 2 update, which will bring more community challenges, codes, skins, and a new Mech and vehicle. There will also be a new enemy. These updates are completely free for everyone.

July will bring another new vehicle, enemy, skins, and community events, basically a repeat of June.

August has the first Rage 2 DLC coming out, Rise of the Ghosts, which will be a paid DLC. This will add new storylines, regions, and weapons alongside the usual bunch (abilities and vehicles).

For the next few months, Rage 2 players will have plenty of free content to play around with.

The game launches on May 14 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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