Ghost Recon Breakpoint snagged by Epic Games Store, no Steam release 1

Ghost Recon Breakpoint snagged by Epic Games Store, no Steam release

Epic’s done it again, as Ghost Recon Breakpoint will just be available for the Epic Games Store.

How they keep poaching these AAA developers, I have no idea. But they’ve done it once again, as Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be skipping Steam and going straight to the Epic Games Store.

Last night’s reveal of the upcoming Ghost Recon game had many fans happy, but that’s until they heard that the game’s various pre-order versions were nowhere on Steam.

The Epic Games Store nabbed the game, and when fans found out, you could only imagine how they felt about this. But then again, are you really surprised given how they were able to steal other games like Metro Exodus (Tim Sweeney, please) and The Division 2?

Ubisoft recently only released Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Steam, but their other anticipated titles were Epic Games only. Other than getting the UPlay client to play their games, you’ll also need to grab the Epic Games Store, which only got fans upset at them pulling this twice in a row.

Since players have no choice, at least who want to play the game, they’ll have to grab a copy of the Ubisoft launcher. For those who are looking to not have multiple game clients, it’s looking pretty bad with the way things are going. pretty much all AAA developers are following the same path- creating their own launcher.

Seriously though, who’s really even surprised? You can pick it up on UPlay for an additional 20% discount.

On one hand, you don’t get the convenience of getting it on Steam. But on the other, Steam does take a large commission, which only makes it more enticing for developers/publishers to look for alternate paths (or accept the buyout). With an economy where everyone tries to maximize units gained, shifts like this are to be expected.

After all, it’s all about the games, not the store. Epic makes it clear that seeing these publishers going over means that their actions are speaking louder than words. This is the constant battle between consumers arguing that we get less choice, less features, and more prices, whereas publishers are doing what they can do to maximize their revenue.

Anti-consumerism, or not, what we’re witnessing right now by their actions says volumes.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is due October 4.