Rebel Galaxy Outlaw coming to Epic Games Store on August 13

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is an awesome simulator and the sequel to the original OG Rebel Galaxy.

The Sequel will be coming out on 8/13 this year and basically gives you more of what you want. The game lets you drive a space truck to your wildest dreams through the galaxy and beyond. You play as juno Markev who used to be a smuggler.

The game lets you start with a trash spaceship, but you get to upgrade your parts over time as you complete your quests and earn credits. You can literally do tons of customization and build your ship how you want, which means that not everyone will finish the game the same way.

Build a small and agile tanker? Or how about an armored one with a ton of everything? You can do that also. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will also let you fight other ships with some combat mechanics.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw rolls out August 13 on PC, and will come to PS4 and Switch later in the year. Note that the game will be on the Epic Games Store for PC.

David Wong

David Wong

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