Respawn bans over 16K hackers on Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has laid down the ban hammer and banned more than 16K Apex Legends players (and counting) in a huge ban wave that got rid of a bunch of hackers.

This was news in a new Reddit post yesterday. Although the post didn’t go into detail specifying which platform cheaters are cheating on, we can easily suspect that it’ll be PC. Players have been running into hackers and cheaters ono Apex Legends, although they’re not that prevalent given the player base numbers make the number of banned accounts look like nothing.

The post states that if you find a cheater, report their ID.

“Even if you don’t get proof, get their ID and flag it and we can investigate the account.”

While Apex Legends has no in-game reporting feature, I wouldn’t be surprised if this rolled out in a future update. The post said the new patch will boost game stability, performance, and QoL. Respawn will also post daily updates about the Apex Legends behind-the-scenes updates within the forum to keep players up to date on what’s happening with the newest craze within the battle royale universe.

Apex Legends has garnered a huge player base and pulled some astounding numbers so far.

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