Riot Games is making a fighting game. Yes. Riot. Fighting game.

Riot Games, best known for League of Legends and their recent release Teamfight Tactics, has confirmed that they’re working on a new fighting project.

They’ve garnered a lot of attention lately, both positive and negative regarding their games (and work culture).

One of the things that a lot people hold against Riot is their one-trick pony League of Legends game, which still continues to be played by millions of players worldwide and always ranks up there on Twitch streams.

However, they’re working on other projects now. And their next one will be a fighting game. This doesn’t mean they’re giving up LoL, as they even working on a mobile version of the game right now. How that’ll work? No idea. But anyway.

Riot has confirmed during an interview with Rod Breslau, founder of EVO, that they’re working on a new fighting game. This will be the first game outside of LoL for the company.

“Fighting games deserve to be enjoyed by way more people. As big as things are, we think they have the potential to get bigger.”

Given their popularity, this new game shouldn’t be hard to promote, as everyone who already plays LoL will probably check out the game and get that exposure.

Radiant Entertainment was bought out by Riot back in 2016 and halted the robo fighter Rising Thunder. They later released Rising Thunder: Community Edition, which was a free version of the game.

Cannon rwas working on this game prior with his brother Tom Cannon and Capcom dev Seth Killian.

They all worked together before, so now they’re probably bringing the new fighting game. No confirmation about this game has been provided yet, but sit tight for Riot’s new project.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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