Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV coming to PC, PS4

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will be coming to the PC and PS4 next year.

For those who don’t remember because they’re imbued with Dynasty Warriors, Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been doing what the more popular titles have been doing since forever.

The game is wildly popular over in Japan, but here in the US, not so much.

However, Koei Tecmo did reveal that with this new release, it may just bring more people over to the franchise.

The west will be getting Romance XIV coming early next year. The game will take place during the Han Dynasty’s downfall.

Of course, as with any game like this, we expect to see new elements to keep it modern. There will be a new UI, color system, and a rule-based system used by the later releases. This means that everything happens only one a single map.

Koei Tecmo will also have a new AI system.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV releases early next year for PC and PS4.

Check out this trailer of the gameplay:

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