Turok 2: Seeds of Evil coming to Switch on August 9, no multiplayer

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will be rolling out on August 9th for the Switch.

The famed dinosaur hunter returns from his N64 glory days to the portal handheld today. Switch has been cranking out plenty of Nintendo classics, primarily FPS games like Doom. Next, we may even get GoldenEye on the Switch. Who knows?

There won’t be any split screen multiplayer, so that’s a shame.

But there will be the campaign adventure mode, and possibly all the other goodies like the co-op bug where you could play with a friend through the main story using cheats.

At least, that’s what I assumed. But then realized Turok 2 will have only support for one player. Splitscreen multiplayer will be based off the regular PC version which has no multiplayer. As for network multiplayer, there’s also an unlikely change that this will happen either.

The game will be ported by Nightdive Studios, who’s been killing it with their recent releases.

Turok 1 is already available on the Switch, and has HD graphics. Now you can complete your collection with the second entry from Iguana Entertainment.

Now that we have the Switch, we may not even need an “expansion pack” to get the high resolution graphics. Am I right? Anyone?

David Wong

David Wong

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