See UPS’s Toy-Con-Trainer made with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo has finally launched last week and its course for global domination has begun.

Labo is Nintendo’s cardboard approach to have players create their own cardboard creations using the Switch to code them if necessary. It’s like Nintendo’s form of the Raspberry Pi. Guess who jumped on ship? UPS.

They’ve decided to show off their own creation- the Toy-Con-Trainer on its Twitter account.

It shows off a custom carry case designed to move each of Labo’s individual toys- just like a logistics company would. The Toy-Con-Trainer was designed by UPS themselves, so it’s not officially a Nintendo product. Fans have already requested the blueprints for the build so they can build it themselves. Third-party support for the Labo? Probably.

Labo comes in two kits- the Robotic Kit which allows you t interact with sister robots using the Switch. The other is the Variety Pack which features a bunch of awesome things like a fishing rod. Users can create their own peripheral using the Toy-Con Garage if they don’t want to follow a guide. There will also be a competition for players who want to create their own toys.

Nintendo also revealed prices for replacement parts which allows you to buy single parts instead of the whole set.

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