Airport security sim TSA Frisky taking flight on May 17, 2018

Out There Entertainment’s new TSA Frisky got a release date.

It’s coming out on May 17, 2018 for PC. It’s a VR title that comes with a single-player campaign where you play as a TSA agent and you need to keep everything in order at the airport. You need to make sure all passengers aren’t carrying prohibited items by rummaging their luggage. You’ll have to frisk, watch, ID, scan, and search passengers to find drugs, illegal goods, food, weapons, and even prohibited liquids. It’s a difficult job and it ain’t easy being the TSA guy.

One thing you’ll have to watch out for is your stress meter. If it maxes out, it’s game over. You need to get all passengers through check-in while keeping your stress low- ’cause you know, stress is bad.

TSA Friskyalso has a nice upgrade system where objectives and goals are both available to players looking to improve their skill as a virtual TSA agent. Each shift unlocks new equipment and getter tech as well.

Remy Bustani, a founder of Out There Entertainment, states:

[The team] liked the idea of taking the dreaded security check at the airport and use VR to really exploit the fun in that, VR is a unique platform and gives us as developers the tools to take something out of real life and make something fun out of it.

The game will come out for PC and supports VR systems like Windows Mixed Reality, Occulous Rift, and HTC Vive. You can try a demo of the game on Steam.

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