Cuphead is coming to iPhone and iPad…not.


Looks legit.

A Cuphead imposter was found on the iTunes store today.

It basically presented itself as a port of the wildly-successful difficult platformer by Studio MDHR, which released the game a few months ago. It’s pretty much a sidescroller Rambo-style platforming game with old-fashioned animation and graphics. It was very well-received among its audience and instantly blew the game up into virality.

Of course, this brings along some imposters to try to make some quick cash.

A fake entry to the iTunes store was discovered today with a landing page that looks very legitimate. The page charged just $5 for the game and states it’s playable on iPad and iPhone. For mobile gamers, this would’ve been a quick buy.

It used legitimate information such as Studio MDHR’s name with accurate screenshots and info from the game. However, the download size was extremely tiny compared to the actual game (just 1.91GB) and being offered at half-price was also a giveaway. But then again, some versions of games in mobile form are indeed cheaper.

For those who clicked on the support page, they’d be directed to an illegal copy of the official Cuphead site with ads and a fake banner that stated the game would be released on iOS. This is just phishing in practice.

Studio MDHR followed up with a Tweet stating that it’s indeed a scam. Shortly after the Tweet was posted, the game was removed.

Perhaps this shows interest in a mobile version of the game. Studio MDHR should use this as a market test that shows the demand for a mobile version. It works out in their favor.