Skybound Games hosting AMA to clear fan confusion

With Telltale Games officially shutting down and firing their remaining staff, fans were anxious about what would happen to their final project: The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Skybound Games then took over by stepping in and agreeing to finish the series with the original developers to keep the integrity of the storyline.

But this didn’t quench the minds of fans who still had dozens of questions that went unanswered. So let’s get some answers.

So now Skybound Games is officially hosting an AMA on Reddit (ask me anything) this week on Wednesday, October 17th at 5PM EST on the official Walking Dead subreddit. CEO Ian Howe will be answering questions on the thread that fans have about the project and how the game will continue moving forward after Telltale’s fiasco.

Skybound has done everything right so far by hiring the original staff, and now answering questions. Let’s see how they’ll handle this project.

The next season, Season 3, of The Walking Dead: The Final Season hasn’t been announced, but we’ll probably learn when they’ll release it as it’s a popular question amongst fans and will be guaranteed to be asked during this Skybound AMA.

Stay tuned for updates. We’ll post the most significant questions and answers from Skybound in another post to keep you updated. We’re as anxious as you.

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