KARNAGE shows off Diamond camo in BO4; Treyarch praised

The Diamond camo in BO4 is pure awesome. Treyarch has gone to new heights with the camo by adding a new color-changing effect for every five kills you get without getting killed yourself. The camo turns to various shades of blue, red, and green.

But when you get a color change seven times during a single match, the Diamond camo starts becoming animated into a rainbow effect. This was discovered by KARNAGE, a clan on Black Ops 4.

Here, they show off a Tactical Rifle called the Swordfish:

To get the Diamond camo, you have to land 100 headshots with a weapon to get the basic set, then you’ll unlock the next set. Once all the challenges are unlocked for a set, you’ll get the Gold camo for that weapon. Once you earn the Gold camo for every weapon, you’ll get the legendary Diamond camo for all weapons in that glass.

However, there’s one last camo you can get once you unlock- assuming you can get Diamond for every weapon class. The camo’s called Dark Matter, and this one’s only for the most dedicated players. You can guess how you’ll look just from the name. Do you have a Dark Matter camo already? Let us know in the comments!

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