Sony PlayStation Plus price hike, details, countries affected

PlayStation Plus will increase in price in Europe, UK, Asia, and many other countries starting this August.

Starting on the first of August this year, PS Plus will be bumped up in price. Sony has sent a few notices to their subscribers regarding the price increase, and this will vary depending on sub tier and location.

Switzerland and Sweden will have price bumps for all 3 subscription tiers. Sweden increase from 575 kr to 620 kr per annum, and Switzerland increases from 59.90 to 69.90 CHF per year.

Japan will also see price bumps from 514 yen to 850 yen for the single month sub, 2150 for the 3 month sub.

Other countries will also bump in price.

France, Norway, and Germany will have once month price bumps. The Netherlands will increase by 1 euro for the 1 month sub.

The UK’s recent price hike has many players from that country expressing their frustration all over Twitter. Brazil also seems to be affected.

Sounds like Sony wants everyone to push towards the yearly sub.

This isn’t the first time Sony has increased the price of their subscription offerings. Back in 2017, the same price bump was done across EU and UK by $10 by region equivalent for the yearly subscription.

And the three month price went up by $5 with the one month sub by $1.

The US hasn’t had any changes for some time now, and this price change doesn’t seem to apply to the US.

Sony should be offering free game per month for their monthly rotation, as these countries only get 2 games per month from the PS4 library. Hopefully they definitely roll out some news regarding this price hike and justify this demand.

No other details have been released yet regarding what these prices will reflect, and if players will be getting anything else out of the price bump.

Digital services and streaming services have been going up in price, so it’s no surprise really. At least the US hasn’t had any report of this yet, but no promises.

The price changes start on August 1.

David Wong

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