Space Agency Sim Mars Horizon confirmed

UK developer Auroch Digital announced a new space game called Mars Horizon where players will manage their own spaceport.

It combines rocket building, mission control, and space agency management, according to the devs. It lets players choose agencies in all major countries in the space race and guide it through decades of technology. The country to first send a ship to Mars is the hero.

There was also a reveal trailer released for the game as well that showcases the game’s artwork and mechanics. Auroch also got back in from the UK Space Agency during the development as well. They provided a grant, advice, and info on space exploration and space agency management, so the game is somewhat realistic.

It’ll feature custom rocket building, diplomatic relations with other nations, and a realistic space agency sim. The company has worked with many other titles that have been socially conscious.

Mars Horizon is coming out for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and a PC release with an unknown price to be announced.

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