SUPERHOT VR announced for PC and PS4

SUPERHOT JP will be the newest game in the SUPERHOT saga of games.

The gameplay will be pretty much the same with its classic rhythm slow-motion combat with a new variety of Japanese environments like Toky alleyways, trains, castles, and karaoke bars. You’ll be fighting the red baddies in lots of different locations across the country.

The Japnese devs at Game Tomo say the game will have about 18 regular levels and about 3-4 endless lives. There will be new weapons including a bow, and the game modes will be the same. Players can also expect new menus, UI, and even a storyline. The game will also have new abilities like see-through shoji screens and new items.

The gameplay and artwork will be the same as the original SUPERHOT.

SUPERHOT JP will take place in Tokyo for development with the original team helping out. A JP release will come first then more countries following. No price nor release date has been announced yet.

It’ll be available on the PC and PS4. VR may or may not be included.


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