SteamVR Input will allow players to use any controller and use custom schemes.

SteamVR Input allows control scheme support for pretty much any controller

Value has just announced the beta for SteamVR Input.

It’s a new input system that allows players to make bind configs for controllers in the game. This works whether or not the controller is in production when the game is released. This lets Valve’s homegrown JoyToKey or XPadder to work within SteamVR. Players can make any input system and any other player can choose to use it if they want in the Steam Community.

Support for SteamVR Input is built-in to the system and anyone with the application can access the new input system. Developers can also customize default bindings for every controller type and create new control all the schemes without having to go back and change them for each controller type. SteamVR Input is currently in beta, but you can try it out by going to Properties > SteamVR > Beta and select your build.

There’s basic documentation in the announcement post for software and hardware development information that’s worth checking out.

SteamVR Input comes from the announcement that Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be supported by Steam. The support for this controller and the new input system allows Valve to make a new effort to expand controller support across other builds.


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