Splinter Cell’s VA Luca Ward hints at new title with Facebook post

A new Splinter Cell game may be in the works after a new teaser has been added from an Italian voice actor.

The Splinter Cell series has been quiet for a few years now. Sam Fisher’s next game had some hints and teasers over the past few years, but no news was confirmed. But now, fans are getting excited once again over a recent post thanks to the Italian voice of Sam Fisher. Luca Ward.

Posted by Luca Ward on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ward shared a new photo on his Facebook page that has been getting fans excited like crazy. Because of this time around, he shows himself with the signature night vision goggles in the background. I doubt any VA would do this just for fun to show off that he’s Sam Fisher out of nowhere. This has to be a hint or else he’s just being pretentious for no reason and getting fans excited over nothing- like me.

The image shows Ward with the green lights of Fisher’s goggles, which is likely a return of the next entry into the Splinter Cell games.

But then again, his Facebook and Instagram pages do utilize Splinter Cell teasers here and there of his prior work, with the same goggles in the background before.

However, there have been speculations of a new Splinter Cell title that has been ongoing over the past few years. Former Ubisoft employee Jade Raymond stated that a new design for the franchise was in order before she left the company back in 2014. Ubisoft has also talked about the next game in various other games, such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands last year where there was a special op with Fisher himself. Walmart also leaked an ad for Splinter Cell pre-order before E3 2018, which was removed afterward.

A new game could be being made right now as you read this, and Luca could just be teasing for real this time. That’s stealth, no doubt.

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