Bethesda hosting live stream for next ESO expansion – The Season of the Dragon

Bethesda has annouced a live stream that they’ll be hosting to show off details about the next Elder Scrolls Online expansion.

Data miners had already unearthed an upcoming expansion for Elder Scrolls Online game last week with some juicy details such as a new Necromancer class combined in the expansion. Zenimax then posted a tweet on Twitter with a caption saying “Cat’s out of the bag!” This would only mean that they knew the news was already out, even if that’s all they said with no other details.

The stream was annouced a few days ago, but the content of the actual stream wasn’t revealed until now.

Today, Bethesda has gone ahead and officially annouced a new time/date for a live stream session on Twitch. Players can watch it on January 15 at 2 PM PT to see what the next ESO expansion will have. It’s called The Season of the Dragon and will roll out sometime soon. So far, we know that Elsewry will take players to the lands of the Khajiit, which has dragons and other mythical creatures which will be revealed during the stream next week on Tuesday.

Bethesda is no stranger to making their big announcements via live stream, as they did with Fallout 76 and ESO: Murkmire DLC.

For anyone who’s still playing ESO, tune in on Tuesday to get the deets for the next expansion. Tune in for the comments, stay for the content.

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