Starbound 1.4 Bounty Hunter Update – What’s New?

Starbound just got a new much-anticipated update called the Bounty Hunter update.

For fans that have been keeping up with Starbound, the update has finally arrived. There was a delay due to the testing for stability of the update, but it’s not online for all players.

Players will have access to new cosmetics, such as furniture that are variously themed for different applications. The Peacekeeper set is definitely something that stands out from the rest.

The new content contained in the Bounty Hunter update includes a few different pieces of content. The main update allows players to complete a questline where they can hunt down criminals in the galaxy, which explains the name of the update.

Starbound 1.4’s Bounty Hunter system creates new randomized quests that has players hunting down gangs by gathering clues, finding them, and destroying them. As a reward, players will get higher ranks and climb the ladder of social justice.

There have also been at least 50 new rare elemental variants to the enemies, such as Fire Gleap, Ice Snaggler, and Electric Yokat.

Alongside these content updates, there are plenty of other QoL and bug fixes. You can check out the patch notes here.

Eugene Schmidt

Eugene Schmidt

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