Destiny 2 going to Steam, removed from

Destiny 2 will be removed from the launcher as Activision and Bungie have split directions.

The partnership between these two giants ended early- a deal that was supposed to have four games between the two ended up with just half the amount ever produced.

Because of this, Destiny 2 will be removed from, their custom launcher between the two companies.

Bungie has gone their own way and wants to separate from Activision, so they’ll be porting their content, your accounts and details, over to Steam.

This will take place around September 17 and Bungie hasn’t confirmed a date yet. However, they’ve remarked the following:

“Come to Bungie dot net and click all those buttons so that your account becomes your Steam account and all of your Destiny character progression and your arsenal and your collections will come with you and will be waiting for you on September 17 when we start playing Shadowkeep,”

David Dague, Community Lead

Destiny 2 will go on Steam and Bungie won’t limit the game as an exclusive. They’ll be bringing the game to as many different DRMs as possible.

Although this definitely will be a change of DRMs, Steam is definitely more preferable than Bungie creating their own launcher.

At E3, Bungie discussed how the future of Destiny 2 will shift now because Actision isn’t riding their back anymore.

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