State of Decay garners 1 million players; Framerate and bugs “number one” priority

State of Decay 2 has reached over 1 million players in just a mere two days after its Standard Edition launch.

It was launched on May 22 for PC and Xbox One. The exclusive title to Microsoft launched on the Xbox Game Pass on the same day as well. The Ultimate Edition launched on May 18- a few days prior. But the 1 million player number includes everyone who has bought the game, used copies, Game Pass users, and game sharing also. Either way, it’s a pretty decent title.

The milestone was first announced on the Xbox Wire. 675 million zombies were killed, 6 million bags of snacks were eaten, and over 6 million firecrackers and fireworks were used. Plus over 6 million player hours played. The player count is probably due to the Game Pass inclusion at launch, following Sea of Thieves back in March. Plans to launch every first-party title on release day has been upheld so far.

State of Decay 1 broke records early as well. It reached over 500,000 players in just two weeks back 5 years ago. It was fastest-selling original XBLA game ever made. Players complained about FPS and bugs, but the game is new. They’ll be patched soon enough as Undead Labs continues to work on the game and fix it up.

Microsoft and Undead Labs say:

“The team at Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs continue to work on updating the game to address these issues as our number one priority”.

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