Subnautica multiplayer mod Nitrox lets you play with friends (finally)

The only thing missing from Subnautica for the longest time is multiplayer. Developer Unknown Worlds has yet to add this feature to the game.

Subnautica is the underwater survival game complete with exploration, crafting, and a questline that happened to become a full game on Steam. It offers a full and genuine experience complete with awe, relaxation, and thrills as some areas are dauntingly scary.

Although the game isn’t perfect, it’s well-built enough to totally make you forget about your life for a few hours here and there. There’s also a planned DLC for the game.

Fans have expressed interest that they’d totally love to dive the depths and explore the underwater world with their friends in the open-world underwater survival game that is Subnautica. Given that this game’s world is “endlessly” huge, there’s a ton of areas, caves, shallows, and a lot more to explore. And doing it with it a friend makes it doubly fun.

A new Subnautica multiplayer mode has been released called Nitrox that makes it now possible to play with other people, but there are some caveats that users should know.

This mod is an open-source project that’s still very early in development. It’s not ready for casual players and requires some technical knowledge that could seriously screw up your game if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There is an installer, but development for it is still an ongoing process that’s making a lot of progress. If you’re really up for some multiplayer Subnautica, you could give it a try by reading over their instructions.

Otherwise, you should wait until it’s stable enough to play. And of course, back up your saves before you do anything. The mod is completely free to download and Subnautica itself is free to download (and keep) from the Epic Games Store until the 27th of December.

You can check out the trailer showing off Nitrox here:

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