Sunless Skies Vagabond update details, Failbetter changes focus post-update

Sunless Skies will be getting a new officer and new in-game events with the Vagabond update.

The Vagabond update rolls out on June 12 next month and will bring a bunch of new content updates to Sunless Skies. If you’ve never played this game, it’s basically a gothic horror game that’s story-driven.

You play as a steam engine operator who used to travel the galaxy and you’re with a crew of various people that have different personalities for you to discover.

The game’s developer, Failbetter Games, will be pushing out a content update next month called the Vagabond update.

The Vagabond takes you on a space journey through the dark corners of the galaxy. He’ll talk about travels with people called the Skylarks and you can help them search for the Sugarspun Garden.

There will also be a bunch of other stories and events for your to uncover, such as new agent to discover and whatnot. Failbetter states that there’s definitely something new for player to find in Worlebury.

Failbetter has announced that after this update, they’re going to change other things regarding Sunless Skies. Rather than adding more content to the game, they’re going to look at UI, character progression, and journey times.

New QoL and a new UI will make the game easier for new players to pick up and get a piece of.

Sunless Skies is available on Steam.

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