Super Meat Boy up for grabs (free) on Epic Games Store

Epic Games’ second offering is now live. You can get a full copy of Super Meat Boy, the frustrating platformer, for free on Epic Games Store.

The North Carolina company has made billions off the success of Fortnite. They earned $3B in profit this year and is only growing. With their new digital store, they’re now competing with Steam and Discord.

Their first game was Subnautica and that went pretty well just judging by the number of hits our articles got giving coverage about the news. Now, Super Meat Boy is forever free on their new digital store. Team Meat is offering their PC debut of the game up for grabs.

Super Meat Boy is an indie platformer that features levels with creative designs. You play as Meat Boy who needs to save Bandage Girl from Dr. Fetus. The game is nothing but weird, disgusting, and full of difficult, precise, and timed jumps. The game has several worlds with crazy platforming challenges, collectibles, and boss fights.

Right now, the game is over 8 years old, but I still remember its release like it was yesterday. It retails for $15 and is often on sale, but nothing beats free.

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