Taco Gun lets you blow up your friends in local multiplayer coming on May 17th

Taco Gun, developed by Floating Island Studio, is coming to Steam on May 17th, 2018.

If you like local couch multiplayer, this may be a game you want to check out. You play as a character who’s been hardened by society in a world where bullets are food. Standoffs with pistols are a common thing and taco shells need to be dodged with precision. Food is everywhere, but the world you live in is very difficult to survive in. That’s where Taco Gun comes in.

You’re packed with weapons such chili peppers, coconuts, and other foodstuffs on your adventure. You need to shoot your enemies before they can shoot you. There are 8 levels you can try out, each with their own environments that have some hiding places, but you need to find safe places to protect yourself. There are 7 characters to pick that each have their own abilities and play styles. The game is difficult to explain, so watch the video below.

It’s a party game where you need to destroy your friends in local multiplayer. You can choose from between 2 to 4 individuals and choose which character or level you want to destory before starting the match. You can get pretty creative with the combinations. You can mix chili suances or use powerups to throw a bunch of tacos and have them rain from the skies.

If this sounds like your type of game, you can check it out on Steam and get more info about it. It looks like a pretty interesting game that could be hit-or-miss.

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