They Are Billions gets Six Wonders update – see what’s new

Numantian Games has released a new update for their Steampunk RTS They Are Billions.

In a Steam post, they outlined the new content that’s coming to the game. It’s called The Six Wonders update, and here’s what new.

They’re adding six new major buildings to the game:

  • The Lightning Spire gather energy from lightning strikes for the use of your people and also gives you 1500 victory points (VP).
  • The Victorious is a fortified shelter that shields your colony from the infected.
  • The Atlas Transmutator takes common materials and turns it into oil and gives you 2000 VP.
  • The Academy of Immortals trains your people by famous heroes and gives you 1500 VP.
  • The Crystal Palace allows climate control to help crops thrive in barren lands and gives you 1500 VP.
  • And the Silent Beholder reveals the whole map and enemies permanently and gives you 1500 VP.

The update is currently available to all owners of the game. Some new campaign content may be added to Survival Mode, such as map themes, features, and infected as well, according to the post.

The game is still currently in Early Access on Steam, but a campaign mode will be released on launch. They Are Billions is one of the most unique RTS games I’ve played in recent times. If you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you busy for a while, look no further.

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