GOG Galaxy now has user profiles – friends, activity, and game tracking stats

GOG players now have user profiles, according to a news post on their site.

If you’ve never heard of GOG, they’re Good Old Games. That’s the name of their company and they focus on DRM-free gaming. All their games are downloadable and don’t require another third-party launcher (like Steam) to run. That’s their gig and what they do best.

Now, they rolled out user profiles for their desktop client. Yes, they have a client. It lets you launch their games you purchased but doesn’t make it a DRM platform. It now has privacy settings for user profiles and allows users to choose who can see their activity, friends list, and own games. Each profile is split into different parts just like Steam. You have your recent activity, updates from friends, recently played games with your friends and other activity. There’s also stats like time played, unlocked achievements, and of course, your personal friend’s list.

But you don’t need to use their client if you don’t want to. A lot of their games work without the platform itself and you can just download it and play it like the good ol’ days. Some gamers want a game that’s literally plug and play without the whole DRM setup.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of GOG Galaxy, you can appreciate the new features in their platform and the constant improvement they’re going through to make it better over time. It’s hard being a DRM-free platform once you introduce your own platform. They’re doing this carefully to stick to their mantra. Either way, it’s a good time to be a GOG fan.