CoD: 4 Blackout Beta spawns hotfix; Increases player count

CoD: 4 Blackout Beta spawns hotfix; Increases player count 1

Treyarch released a list of improvements they’ll be focusing on in the next patch. This was largely due to the community feedback they received on the first day of the Blackout Beta event. The developer has rolled out the first hotfix for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it’s a pretty significant update.

For starters, they’ve increased the player count from 80 to 88 players. This follows Treyarch’s statement a few weeks ago that they’ll increase the player count based on how well the game runs. With this significant increase in player count, it shows that the game runs pretty smoothly even for a beta. Perhaps when the full game releases, it just may hit 100 players by launch day.

Item pick-up speed has also been adjusted. There’s no more stopping at an item just to stare it in order to pick it up. Now players can simply hold down the Square button while running over any item to snag it. This seems like something that should definitely improve quality of life experience and basic gameplay mechanics. Weapon reloading will be done independently without picking up an item by pressing the reload button.

Some game stat-tracking has also been improved.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • General:

    • Changed Featured Playlist to DUOs.

    • Raised player cap to 88.

    • General stability and stat-tracking improvements.

    • Quick equip menu will automatically close if not used for 5 seconds.

  • Item Pickups

    • Increased the speed of picking up Items off of the ground – you will still be able to reload your weapon independently without picking an Item up by tapping the reload button.

  • Equipment

    • Reduced duration of Sensor Dart to 2 minutes