The Princess Guide confirmed for release in 2019; Get the details

NIS America just announced that it’ll be released The Princess Guide to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 sometime next year. It was previously called Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story and has renamed to fit a Western market. It’s developed by Nippon Ichi was released March 8th in Japan. It was part of NIS America’s lineup at the Anime Expo this year.

The game is basically an action RPG where you play as a knight whose job is to tutor one of four princesses in a land with spawling monsters. The selection of princesses varies in personality and style. You can choose from Alpana, who’s a dragon princess. Or Liliartie, who’s a merchant full of greed. Depending on your playstyle, each princess offers something new to the table and every princess can be trained by scolding or praising them for their actions.

Your actions determine their skills on the battlefield when you encounter enemies. You can command her directly on the field and see how your choices affected her outcome.

The game got some modest reviews in Japan so far. Nippon Ichi wasn’t announced at NISA’s press event earlier this year, so this game is a definite surprise. This is their first game that’s been confirmed to release. Anyone who likes this kind of “princes maker” game should be in for a treat- not to get it confused with the Princess Maker games.

There will also be a collector’s edition for both consoles.

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