Treyarch releases Valkyrie Paladin weapon variant and Valhalla outfit

Treyarch releases Valkyrie Paladin weapon variant and Valhalla outfit 1

Treyarch released a new trailer showing off the Valkyrie Paladin and the Valhalla outfit for Ruin in Black Ops 4. They’ve been on a roll this week with free content updates for all players and the Operation: Absolute Zero update that went live on Tuesday. They also added a new special to the game that … Read more

Firewatch coming to Nintendo Switch December 17

Firewatch coming to Nintendo Switch December 17 2

Firewatch will be available for purchase very soon based on a tweet from developer Campo Santo.

For those who never played Firewatch, it’s basically a walking simulator with a strong narration that has received a lot of praise for its story-driven gameplay. It’s short, but a very enjoyable experience. Enjoyable enough for Nintendo to add it to their eShop given that the game sold well over a million copies.

Firewatch fans can get the Firewatch Nintendo Switch version on December 17, 2018. The bundle will be available in the US and EU like usual, but also Japan and Australian eShops. There’s currently no store page for Firewatch on the eShop, but we can assume it’ll be at most $19.99- it’s current retail price for PC. The game is set to launch as a port of the game with no exclusives at this time.

Campo Santo is the developer and this game got their name to the headlines. They’ve been bought out by Valve earlier in 2018, and recently released The Valley Of The Gods.

Firewatch is currently available on Steam for $19.99 and GOG for the same price. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both have their own copies. The Nintendo Switch port is finally coming soon. It’s nice to see developers and Nintendo partnering up to bring their games to a console that’s predominated by games for the younger audience so that older players can enjoy it just as well rather than going to another console.

You can check out a trailer for the game below:

Firewatch will release on the Nintendo Switch December 17.

Super Hyperactive Ninja coming October 25th to the Switch

Super Hyperactive Ninja coming October 25th to the Switch 3

The hyperactive platformer Super Hyperactive Ninja is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

After a release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the game will be coming to the Switch on October 25th. Super Hyperactive Ninja is a game built for speedrunners where players control one of several ninjas that are fueled by society’s favorite energy beverage- a steaming cup of coffee!

You’ll have to speed through the many levels by jumping, running, and even wall-climbing as you try to collect all the cups of coffee before falling asleep. As you drink coffee, your ninja will enter Hyperactive Mode, which lets you run even faster and kill enemies even faster than your hyped-up self. Don’t run out of coffee or else the game’s over.

The game also has a one-on-one fighting mode that’s somewhat hidden. The mechanics of it is similar to Super Smash Bros where you fight on platforms rather than a sidescrolling fighter. The mode also has some guest characters like Aragami, Jack from Caveman Warriors, and Ice Cream Surfer’s Ace.

Here’s a trailer of the game:

Dark Souls Remastered trailer for Nintendo Switch released

Dark Souls Remastered trailer for Nintendo Switch released 4

Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch is coming. And guess what? It’s gonna be a relaxing game. Heh.

Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off the new game before it’s launch next month on the Switch. The trailer shows off some of the classic ARPG action we’ve all grown to adore (and hate) about the Dark Souls series with a humorous tale of “keeping calm” while trying to reduce the urge to rage quit and toss your handheld across the room:

The Switch edition will be a remastered edition of Dark Souls which was released earlier in 2018 on consoles and PC. The Switch version has been delayed just before its launch to later this year. Even with the delay, the game is still planned and confirmed with only a few weeks away from its release next month.

Finally, Nintendo fans will get to be able to experience the meditative and relaxing gameplay that is Dark Souls!

Switch owners will get some goodies like being able to use a new amiibo figure based on Solaire of Astora.

Dark Souls Remastered will release on October 19th for the Nintendo Switch. It’s currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Devil May Cry 5 new key art, pricing, and Deluxe Edition goodies revealed

Devil May Cry 5 new key art, pricing, and Deluxe Edition goodies revealed 5

Capcom is surviving its Devil May Cry fans. After the DMC5 trailer was released earlier yesterday, Capcom then went on to reveal some major details regarding the Deluxe Edition of the upcoming entry into the long-running series.

For starters, a new piece of key art was shown off for the Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5. The art looks similar to the standard key art- it contains Dante, Nero, and the newly revealed V all standing next to each other with Nico and the Devil May Cry van in the background. This is some pretty awesome key art and gives that “badassery” the game deserves.

The Deluxe Edition will contain a few extra goodies, namely the following (taken from the Microsoft Store page):

  • Devil Breaker weapons: Gerbera GP01, Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Mega Buster
  • Dante weapon: Cavaliere R
  • Battle music: 3 tracks each from Devil May CryDevil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4
  • Alternative voices: Style Rank Announcers, Title Calls
  • Live Action Cutscenes

And for pre-orders, players will receive:

  • Alt Hero Colors (Nero, Dante)
  • Alt Heroine Colors (Nico, Lady, Trish)
  • Buster Arm Early Access (new weapon for Nero)
  • 100,000 Red Orbs

The Deluxe Edition retails for $69.99, which is just a measly $10 more than the base game price at $59.99. Hey- it’s cheap for a Deluxe Edition compared to other AAA titles. Fans will likely opt for the Deluxe Edition for the extras. The physical version of Devil May Cry 5 isn’t available for pre-order yet but will be available soon considering that it’s already available for digital retail.

DMC5 is scheduled for release on March 8th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned for updates.

Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale “Blackout” trailer released

Black Ops 4's Battle Royale "Blackout" trailer released 6

Call of Duty has been releasing some tidbits of details regarding their latest entry into the Black Ops lineup over the past few days. Fans have been demanding a more detailed look at Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. Just a few hours ago, Activision and Treyarch officially released their first ever full trailer for … Read more

Fortnite 5.30 released – New items, gameplay modes, and the Blunderbuss AR

Fortnite 5.30 released - New items, gameplay modes, and the Blunderbuss AR 7

Fortnite has just hit version 5.30, which brings some big additions to both the Battle Royale and Save the Worlds gameplay modes. The main features are the Rift-To-Go item, which was teased previously by Epic Games, and a new LImited Time mode dubbed “Score Royale.”

They work exactly as they’re named. Rift-To-Go is a place that exists in the player’s equipment which allows the player and their allies to fly out from the sky and make a surprise ambush. However, other players can also pull the same move and use the same portals. This adds a new level of complexity to the game and new strategies that will ultimately be centered around these portals.

Score Royale will be a new mode where players gain points for completing various tasks like collecting items, loot crates, and killing enemies. It scores you for doing things like opening ammo boxes, llamas, supply drops, treasure chests, using an apple/mushroom, and more.

Here’s the scoring guide from Epic Games:

  • Winning Score (Solo) 2000
  • Winning Score (Duos) 3000
  • Winning Score (Squads) 4500
  • Use an Apple or Mushroom 10
  • Open an Ammo Box 25
  • Open a Llama 50
  • Open a Supply Drop 100
  • Eliminate an Enemy 100
  • Open a Treasure Ches t50
  • Find a Bronze Coin 30
  • Find a Silver Coin 50
  • Find a Gold Coin 100

The Save the World campaign is last but not least. It has a new weapon called the Blunderbuss Assault Rifle (BAR) which does a hefty amount of damage with a giant clip to spare.

The patch is now available on all platforms and no issues have been reported so far.

You can check out the full details here.


Super Mario Party River Survival co-op mode teaser released

Super Mario Party River Survival co-op mode teaser released 8

Nd Cube and Nintendo are going back to a traditional setup with Super Mario Party. After many experiments with various game layouts in the long-running party franchise, it seems like it’s time to go back to the roots of the game. This new title will still feature many new features, such as exclusive dice, minigames, and setups that utilize the Switch’s capabilities. It’ll also have side modes, one of which is called River Survival. Perhaps it’s time to stick to what works.

In this mode, up to four players will have to work cooperatively in order to reach the goal at the end of a river before time runs out. Players will have to use the Joy-Con’s motion controls to row the boat before cop-op minigames pop up at specific time intervals.

If they’re completed successfully, more time will be added. It’s a pretty cool feature with multiplayer co-op. Players can work together kind of like Mario Party 9 and 10′s main modes. And it demonstrates the motion controllers, which show make it a good tech demo.

Super Mario Party will launch on the Switch on Ocboeter 5th, and can already be pre-ordered Amazon, Best Buy, and other major retailers.

You can see River Survival in action in this trailer released by Nintendo earlier today, which has already garnered over 100K views at the time fo this writing:

Dragon Quest XI will be a throwback to older titles in the series

Dragon Quest XI will be a throwback to older titles in the series 9

A new trailer for the upcoming game Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age shows off the game’s gorgeous artwork and the group of companions that you’ll be playing alongside in this brand-new journey.

The game is supposed to be somewhat of a throwback to older, retro Dragon Quest games with each character in the party reflecting some older designs and personalities. Yuji Horii, developer, and creator of the series had an interview with Siliconera about each of the members of the party in greater detail.

Each character which accompanies the nameless hero, which is Dragon Quest tradition, on their journey to defeat the evil that’s wreaking havoc on their land. Horri went over how each character’s design and personality reflects an older Dragon Quest entity:

Erik is the down-to-Earth character. He’s fully governed and is a young thief who’s the first character to join the Limnitary.

Veronica and Serena are the pair of female girls similar to previous female duo Maya and Meena in Dragon Quest IV. They’re opposites in terms of personality and function for the party. Veronica is a mage and Serena is a healer. Their personalities offer plenty of content for the game’s moments with a dynamic opposing personality setup.

Sylvando is a guy who’s loud and annoying, probably because he’s an entertainer. He’s flamboyant, chivalrous, and somewhat buff. He has acrobatic skills.

Jade is a martial artist who acts as a sister to the hero.

Rab is an older character who’s somewhat of a troublemaker.

The game is the 11th title in the long-running series, which was first released back in 1986. It’ll feature many elements from the entire series due to it being somewhat of an homage to past titles, including the turn-based combat and classic designs created by Akira Toriyama and crew.

The game has already been released in Japan on the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS last year, with total sales around 3M copies. Worldwide release is scheduled on September 4th, 2018 for PS4 and Windows with a Switch version planned for release later on.

Spyro Reginited Trilogy: Two games are DLC, what about the last?

Spyro Reginited Trilogy: Two games are DLC, what about the last? 10

Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be releasing in about a month and fans will be able to return to familiar nostalgic locations like the Summer Forest or Artisan’s World. Their official Twitter account has been teasing fans with updated box art of the game.

A few changes were obvious on the official pre-order page compared to the older design.

For one, Spyro cover the majority of the face of the box with his face being zoomed in on a lot more than previously. Perhaps this will bring attention to fans who’ve wandered from the Spyro series and haven’t been keeping up with the news. Seeing the family purple dragon’s face may just get more sales for players who weren’t expecting another Spyro game to be rolling out- especially if they used to like the game. The background shows off the games included in the trilogy, with a selection of levels that represent their final bosses: Gnasty Gnorc, The Sorceress, and Ripto. This may bring back some nostalgia for older players who grew up with Spyro.

Spyro Reginited Trilogy: Two games are DLC, what about the last? 11

The design the art is also eager to let players know that will require content to be downloaded in order to play with a bold “requires content download” and a lesser-bold “original 3 games remastered.” Spyro’s horns divide the backdrop into their respective games with the logo and branding right in the middle. It’s hard to miss this title with the contrast of bright colors.

The latter two games will require an internet connection and fans seem to be taking this very negatively They’re asking why the physical release is necessary if 2/3 of the games are available via download. It could be single-use code or it’ll act like a patch for the game.

Activision Gameinformer received this response from the company:

“The global launch date of Spyro Reignited Trilogy is Sept. 21, and we’re excited for fans to play all three reignited games on that day, As with most games today, downloading an update after purchase is quite common. The language on packaging and on the web is to let players know the requirements for Spyro Reignited Trilogy.”

But then that means if the entire games will be downloaded, or if it’s a day one patch, or if the games are split between disc and download. Activision has done this before with games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater where only a portion is on the actual disc and the rest requires a download. The Twitter account also continues to release news about the trilogy, but as for actual details about the download situation, none yet.

Salt and Sanctuary released for Nintendo Switch

Salt and Sanctuary released for Nintendo Switch 12

Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D hack-and-slash platformer released on the Nintendo Switch yesterday, the 2nd.

The game is also available on PS4, PC, and PS Vita and will also be released in digital and physical form. There will also be a collector’s edition called Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition which will launch sometime this “holiday” according to the developer Ska Studios. The game is being ported by BlitWorks, a Spanish developer who’s previously worked on Bastion, Spelunky, and Don’t Starve.

Ska Studios uploaded a new trailer for the game. It features some very nice artwork with plenty of hacking and slashing indeed:

It looks similar to Dark Souls with a lot of punishing combat and a few character classes. It uses a checkpoint system as you explore the world and typical boss encounters which you’ll struggle with unless you know the weak points and attack patterns. The player can also upgrade their abilities in order to unlock the world’s various zones.

The game follows a protagonist who’s been player-created. This character sails across the ocean to stop a war between two kingdoms. You’re then shipwrecked on an island and you must solve the puzzles behind an evil mastermind and survive the attacks by the hostile enemies on the island along with the traps and tricks.

Salt and Sanctuary is available now for the Switch. It has no exclusive content for this port, but if you’re looking for an awesome and distinctive platformer, you should consider this game.


Star Control: Origins releases Fleet Battles update patch – what’s new?

Star Control: Origins releases Fleet Battles update patch - what's new? 13

Star Control: Origins, a space strategy indie game, just got a whole bunch of new updates in the Fleet Battles Beta patch.

Stardock, the developer, calls the update a major milestone in the game’s progress. It adds a few new ships, maps, weapons, and various improvements overall. The quality of life updates has also been implemented. The beta update is available to all players who pre-purchase the game.

The game is developed by Michigan-based company Stardock Entertainment. Star Control: Origins is the newest game in the series which began back in 1990. The game is different from earlier titles because it takes place in an alternate universe. Origins were announced back in 2016 and are available for PC via Steam on September 20th.

The Fleet Battles mode is probably the major update in this patch. It allows plates to build a fleet of starships and fight other fellers. Players can control fleet and battle enemy fleets, AI, or even with friends in local multiplayer. The game also now offers a fully integrated crafting system, which allows players to create, craft, and build, their own vessels and even share them with others in the Steam Workshop community.

A new gameplay feature has also been added to the game. Scavenging allows players to collect power-ups from destroyed ships found around the battlefields in the game. Each power-up allows players to get abilities like acceleration, restore energy, refill HP, and even get speed bursts.

There are also new ships added to the lineup in this update patch. Two new ships, the Kzinti Intimidator and the Arillou Observer, which both have their own unique features. The former is a “nimble ship equipped with deadly proximity mines and a Repulsor” while the latter can cloak. They both also have their weapon loadouts and players will receive new maps.

Performance improvements include an improved camera, UI, and multiplayer. Stardock has also released new content in the form of DLC, which add music, lore, and concept art. This is only available to players who pre-purchase the game.

Super Indie Karts “Ultra Update” races onto Steam Early Access

Super Indie Karts "Ultra Update" races onto Steam Early Access 14

Super Indie Karts is a 16-bit kart racer that features drivers and tracks from a variety of games like Duck Game, Runbow, and Freedom Planet. The game is heavily inspired by the original Super Mario Kart with flat tracks and sharp, hairpin turns. 90s kids will remember that the original and Mario Kart 64 were the best of the bunch. And only 90s kids will be able to drown in the nostalgia of the VHS trailer for the Super Indie Karts’ Ultra Update. The update includes a whole slew of new features to the game which turns it into a more modern, yet retro classic.

Just jump around in this promo vid and you’ll see the similarity between the two games:

The “Ultra” release rolls out on July 19th and includes a whole new est of tracks that feature more obstacles, modern layouts, and an N64 design with polygonal shapes but keeps the original theme of the game. Super Indie Karts is obviously the type of indie mashup game you’d expect from a crowdfunded indie dev.

The game’s characters look the same with their original sprites but they’re on newly redesigned tracks. It sports various sets of tracks based on SNES graphics and another group of tracks in a futuristic VR-like setting. These are the main game modes.

For those who want some multiplayer action (some people only played Mario Kart for BlockFortresss, believe it or not), the game will also have a battle mode. The total number of tracks is about 50, which is more than any Mario Kart game on the planet to my knowledge (not including mirror tracks)!

Development of Super Indie Karts started in May of 2015 and has been slowly racing towards the finish. One Legged Seagull started a Kickstarter campaign. He wanted to include all the content he could before releasing the game to avoid another future sequel. Players will get the full feature upon release date, which is currently scheduled for 2018 on Steam and is currently available in Early Access.

The Princess Guide confirmed for release in 2019; Get the details

The Princess Guide confirmed for release in 2019; Get the details 15

NIS America just announced that it’ll be released The Princess Guide to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 sometime next year. It was previously called Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story and has renamed to fit a Western market. It’s developed by Nippon Ichi was released March 8th in Japan. It was part of NIS America’s lineup at the Anime Expo this year.

The game is basically an action RPG where you play as a knight whose job is to tutor one of four princesses in a land with spawling monsters. The selection of princesses varies in personality and style. You can choose from Alpana, who’s a dragon princess. Or Liliartie, who’s a merchant full of greed. Depending on your playstyle, each princess offers something new to the table and every princess can be trained by scolding or praising them for their actions.

Your actions determine their skills on the battlefield when you encounter enemies. You can command her directly on the field and see how your choices affected her outcome.

The game got some modest reviews in Japan so far. Nippon Ichi wasn’t announced at NISA’s press event earlier this year, so this game is a definite surprise. This is their first game that’s been confirmed to release. Anyone who likes this kind of “princes maker” game should be in for a treat- not to get it confused with the Princess Maker games.

There will also be a collector’s edition for both consoles.

Super Bomberman R’s newest update adds tons of craziness

Super Bomberman R's newest update adds tons of craziness 16

Super Bomberman R recently ended its contract with Nintendo Switch exclusivity and has been released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Each platform has their own exclusive characters and Konami has decided to up the ante with some extra fun.

The game has transformed into a Super Smash Bros. style game of Konami’s past character, rather than the top-down old-school Bomberman-style gameplay. With a new take comes new surprises- the newest one being David Hayer’s reappearance in Bomberman R.

Solid Snake fans can choose from Snake and Naked Snake. Raiden, Lance, and Bill are also diving head first into the game, showing off the craziness that is Bomberman R. Owners of the Switch version can play as MAX, which is a Bomberman character that’s exclusive to the Switch. A lot of other characters from Konami’s lesser-known games such as Goemon, Gradius, and Tokimeki Memorial have also been released in the free update. Accessories for each character from Metal Gear and Contra are also available.

Danica Patrick from Sonic Racing Transformed is now available. And even weirder, WWE wrestler Xavier Woods has been added to the game with his original voiceovers. This is just plain silly. But who cares. This ain’t about lore. It’s about nonstop action.

New gameplay modes have also rolled out. Grand Prix now has a Checkpoints option which changes the game to a King of the Hill style mode where you have to rush towards locations on the map in order to gain points. Fans of the game will have a lot to keep them busy this time around. Are you super excited for this update?

Sony Pictures goofs by uploading whole film instead of trailer

Sony Pictures goofs by uploading whole film instead of trailer 17

Sony Pictures Entertainment released a new trailer for its new limited release film Khali the Killer online in order to get more viewers to watch the film- whether it be on Blu-Ray, select theaters, or streaming platforms.

But there was a big oopsie.

Sony released the whole film instead. Not just the teaser.

The movie is a violent crime film based on western movies and ’70s films. It was originally released on DVD last year in reverse order like many indie films do. It’s not set for theater release until this year. But seeing it uploaded in its entirety online is just a big goof. Seriously.

To put some salt in the wound, it wasn’t removed quickly either. It was online and accessible to the public for several hours and there were tons of comments poking fun at Sony. The full presentation is about 1.5 hours and some people even got to see the whole thing- for free.

Whether or not it was done intentionally is unknown. Some believe it was done to attract viewers over a marketing play, while others say that Sony is still recovering from some other hacks and problems its encountered recently- like having thousands of employees’ private information leaked in 2014. Things like this could really hurt shareholders.

Sony has not commented on the error as of yet.

Image via Sony Pictures Entertainment.

We Happy Few – Pre-order goodies and instant $10 savings

We Happy Few - Pre-order goodies and instant $10 savings 18

We Happy Few is set to release on August 10th, 2018. After three years in the making after a Kickstarter project, the game is ready to launch.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a game where everyone is on drugs in 1960s England. The townsfolk have gone off their meds and a new government medication known as “Joy” keeps everyone in a fake state of happiness. The game has you playing as one of the few who rebel against the meds and therefore you need to suffer the side effects of withdrawal symptoms. Some countries have banned the game due to drug use.

If you preorder the game, you get to get your hands on some goodies. Gamers who pre-order will get the Jolly Brolly in-game weapon included as a code in the game package. If you preorder at GameStop or Best Buy you can also get a nice $10 off instant discount and the exclusive weapon.

The standard edition will run you $59.99 and is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

The deluxe edition includes the base game and the season pass, which is rumored to include three pieces of content for the game. It’ll run you a pretty $79.99 out of pocket.

We Happy Few - Pre-order goodies and instant $10 savings 19

And lastly, there’s the Time Capsule collector’s edition comes with something that you may expect- it doesn’t include the game itself. But it does come with collectible items including a sticker set, alarm clock, soundtrack, mask, handbook, lamp, and propaganda posters.

We Happy Few - Pre-order goodies and instant $10 savings 20

Sit tight for updates as the game approaches the launch date. The propaganda posters are pretty cool and the item that makes it worth it for any hardcore fan.


Yoshi game delayed until 2019 but “making great progress”

Yoshi game delayed until 2019 but "making great progress" 21

The anticipated Yoshi game coming on the Nintendo Switch has been delayed until 2019 based on official word from Nintendo themselves.

It was absent from Nintendo’s E3 presentation and the reason is none other than the delay. Now we know why- it’s because of the delay. Nintendo updated its US and UK sites with the game’s new release date marked as 2019. It was originally announced for the Nintendo Switch back at last year’s E3 and it was due to release in 2018. It even had a playable demo on the floor. A specific date wasn’t announced, by the rumors were that it’d be out in 2018.

Yoshi is a 2D puzzle platformer game that has the guys from Good-Feel developing it. If you’ve never heard of them, they made Yoshi’s Wooly Wolrd and Kirby’s Epic Yarn, so they know their way around creating a cute platformer.

Bill Trinen, Nintendo of America’s product marketing director, stated that the game wasn’t at E3, but development is still progressing and that they’ll “have updates later this year” and that the game is “making great progress.”

Yoshi is the working title of the game since the beginning and will likely change as we shift into 2019. If you’ve been waiting for this game, don’t worry, the mini dinosaur will be coming soon. You can still catch Yoshi in other titles like Super Mario Party, Mario Tennis Aces, and of course, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Dark Souls-like Action RPG Unworthy coming out on May 29th

Dark Souls-like Action RPG Unworthy coming out on May 29th 22

Unworthy is a new 2D Metroidvania game that plays similar to Dark Souls.

It’s the second game from indie developer Aleksandar Kuzmanovic and plays in the classical tradition of being a hardass action RPG. It’s a “hardcore combat-focused Metroidvania” where players can explore a grim universe. The game also offers a ton of weapons, unique abilities, and plenty of lands to explore.  He also uploaded a new video showing off the game as sort of a teaser trailer.

From the trailer, you can see that the game is very similar to Dark Souls. in that players must defend themselves and forge a new path in a grim world with black-and-white pixel art. The game has enemies, bosses, and plenty of hazards that can be dodged by rolling or blocking. The game also has an in-game cash shop where players can buy items and gear. The game is pretty much an indie version of Dark Souls.

Players will be controlling an unknown hero who wanders the lands in search of meaning. The narrative is similar to Dark Souls., so it’s not surprising to see indie games paying homage to it.

Unworthy will be released on Steam on May 29th with a $14.99 price tag.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall shoots for the stars in 2019

Age of Wonders: Planetfall shoots for the stars in 2019 23

A new game called Age of Wonders: Planetfall is in development.

It’s made by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. The game is the next in the Age of Wonders series and the developer hopes that it’ll bring all the combat from the previous games back in this fantasy setting. The news was released with a new trailer as well, which you can see here:

From the trailer, we can see that it’s definitely a gorgeous game. There are also a few snippets of gameplay that looks amazing with a ton of different things to manage. if you like turn-based strategy, Age of Wonders is a hidden gem in the genre. Triumph wasn’t to make a game that expands upon its predecessors and employs the core principles of the game. While this is a new futuristic setting for the series, they’re sure that it’ll remain the same and fans will feel right at home with it.

Dutch-based developer Triumph is known for this series and Overlord series also. Paradox is also a well-known company in this genre with games like Crusader Kings.

Planetfall offers players everything they’re accustomed to. You can build, fight, negotiate, and build up your city to a utopian society with advanced technology. The game will use their own engine which was also used on  Age of Wonders III. this will be the first title to be published by Paradox Interactive, and Triump is “thrilled” to be working with them.

The game will release in 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

Metro Exodus delayed until 2019

Exodus will be delayed.

Metro: Exodus has been pushed back to early 2019.

The latest game showcasing the adventures of Artyom in post-apocalyptic Russia has had its release date pushed to Q1 next year based on a Tweet from their official account.

The game will be the newest installment of Artyom and a group of people who travel far from the Moscow Metro on a train called the Aurora. It’ll expand upon the original mechanics of Metro: Last Light which did the same for Metro: 2033. Metro: Exodus will be continued in the story from the Redemption ending of the previous game.

It’ll still feature a linear storyline, but it’ll take place in wider areas for the player to explore.

A news post on the Steam Community page for the game had the release displayed as Fall 2018 which would’be been the original release. The Tweet says that they’re trying to make the game “its absolute best.”

Players will have something to look forward to even with the delay. As the Tweet states, there will be new gameplay trailers showing off some new environments during this year’s E3 event. Stay tuned for updates on this AAA title soon.

Rainbow 6 getting a new map – what’s new in the update

Rainbow 6 getting a new map - what's new in the update 24

The popular FPS is getting another content update even though it’s a pretty dated game now.

They just keep on releasing more and more maps, weapons, and content for this game as the playerbase and community remains pretty stable over time. Ubisoft announced that Rainbow 6 Siege will be getting a new map based on a Tuscan Villa. And it’ll be named “Villa” as appropriate.

Villa is a part of the upcoming Operation Para Bellum update which will include two unknown GIS Operators. It’ll be the most competitive map ever made by Ubisoft and features staircases, tunnels, and plenty of nooks and crannies. The floors will also be destructible.

Operation Para Bellum will include a new internal gadget, buffs for Echo, and adjustments for the Clubhouse map as well as dropshotting. There will also be a new system to Pick and Ban which allows for an “extra layer of strategy between teams” because each side allows the other to counterpick during the banning phase. This will allow some interesting combinations the 6th Operator pick is chosen and teams will have to react to it accordingly.

Villa will be the next location as it’s owned by the Vinciguerra, a family rooted in crime and smuggling art pieces. They’re trying to rid their documents and save their prized valuables before the counter-terrorists investigate the villa.

Stay tuned for more news on the latest Rainbow 6 Siege update on the 20th of May during the Pro Finals.

They Are Billions gets Six Wonders update – see what’s new

They Are Billions gets Six Wonders update - see what's new 25

Numantian Games has released a new update for their Steampunk RTS They Are Billions.

In a Steam post, they outlined the new content that’s coming to the game. It’s called The Six Wonders update, and here’s what new.

They’re adding six new major buildings to the game:

  • The Lightning Spire gather energy from lightning strikes for the use of your people and also gives you 1500 victory points (VP).
  • The Victorious is a fortified shelter that shields your colony from the infected.
  • The Atlas Transmutator takes common materials and turns it into oil and gives you 2000 VP.
  • The Academy of Immortals trains your people by famous heroes and gives you 1500 VP.
  • The Crystal Palace allows climate control to help crops thrive in barren lands and gives you 1500 VP.
  • And the Silent Beholder reveals the whole map and enemies permanently and gives you 1500 VP.

The update is currently available to all owners of the game. Some new campaign content may be added to Survival Mode, such as map themes, features, and infected as well, according to the post.

The game is still currently in Early Access on Steam, but a campaign mode will be released on launch. They Are Billions is one of the most unique RTS games I’ve played in recent times. If you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you busy for a while, look no further.

Sega classics are coming to the Nintendo Switch by Summer 2018 under Sega Ages

Sonic is coming to the Switch!

Classic games from SEGA Genesis and Master System will be available for the Nintendo Switch during the Summer of 2018, according to an announcement at Sega Fest 2018.

Fans of the classic Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Thunderforce 4, and more, will all be available on the Switch under the Sega Ages brand. There will be a total of 15 games available including the 3 above.

A company called M2 is behind the move and will be developing the games for emulation for the games. They’re specialists in game emulation for older titles and they’ve been doing this with Sega games for a while now- they ported games onto the Virtual Console on the DS, so they know what they’re doing. The Sega Ages label has been used by Sega since 1996 when they re-released games on their SEGA Saturn console.

As for now, we have no info about the other remaining games. We’ll post an update when we hear word about them.

Photo: Flickr.

Siegfried confirmed for Soulcalibur VI lineup

Siegfried is the newest confirmed character.

Siegfried has been confirmed by Bandai Namco to be on the roster for Soulcaliber VI!

The rebellious blonde knight with the giant sword will be available among the cast of characters for the next Soulcalibur entry- the newest title for Project Soul’s popular fighter series.

He’s a badass knight who carries a huge German two-handed sword. He’s been a long-time protagonist background character in other games playing the double version of the character Nightmare. Nightmare was the primary bad guy for the first two Soulcalibur games and then split off into his own avatar. Nightmare carries his sword in the left hand whereas Siegfried carries it in his right.

Bandai Namco released some more info about his background story for the upcoming game. He awakens free from the sell of the Soul Edge and is swamped with memories of killing his father and all the things he’s done as Nightmare. Now he’s back to redeem himself from the corruption he’s caused under the influence of Soul Edge. Soul Edge can only be countered by Soul Calibur- a magical sword used to counter the dark magic. Siegfried fell in battle to as Nightmare to Kilik, so he’s left with a lot of regrets.

For hardcore fans, his entry has already been speculated on the roster since he’s already been in every single core title of the Soulcalibur games since the very beginning (the Soul Edge games). Although his confirmation is kinda late, he’ll be in the game nonetheless.

Alongside Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, Siegfried is the latest addition to the lineup. The game will be out in sometime in 2018 and available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for the firs time which should be interesting to see how the controls work out on a keyboard/mouse combo instead of a controller. Check back for updates. I’ll keep you updated when more details roll out about the game in the future.

You can check out the trailer here.

Banner Saga 3 set to release July 24 (US) and July 27 (UK)

Banner Saga gets a release date.

Banner Saga 3 is set for release on July 24, 2018 for PC, Xbox, PC and Switch in the US. EU is on July 27, 2018.

Developer Stoic is also expecting the mobile version to launch later on in the year as well. Players will be able to play the final adventure in this story-driven narrative RPG. There will be character-building, storytelling, and tons of strategy just like fans of the series expect. This is the final game fo the trilogy which will finally reveal the hidden motives of the characters and the mysteries of the game.

Players will be able to take on the final journey beyond the Wall of Darkness with some special bonuses for pre-orders on PC. If you buy it early, you’ll get the base game plus the following bonuses items in game:

  • Dredge Stoneguard Character – Rank 10 Hero called Kivi
  • Unique Combat Ability: Tank
  • Unique Dredge Item – Sculptor’s Tools
  • Exclusive Dredge Heraldry
  • Unique Heroic Title: “Shield Cleaver’
  • Exclusive Banner Saga 3 Overture Track – by Grammy-nominated and two-time BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory

The PC version will be available on Steam and other distribution platforms. There’s a total of three versions (digital) on launch day. The Standard Edition will be $24.99. The Deluxe will be $29.99 (includes OST, wallpaper, world map, and “Gold Wasp” title. The Legendary Edition will be $39.99 and comes with everything in previous editions plus an exclusive legendary equip “Petrie Clan Ring” and a special title “Shadow Walker” and a digital novel “Gift of Hadrborg.”

For players who prefer to go physical, all three versions will be available in a complete bundle called The Banner Saga Trilogy: Bonus Edition for PS4 and Xbox One for $39.99. It includes Banner Saga 1, 2, 3, and a mini art book, limited OST, in-game items, and a poster. There will also be a PC Bonus Edition digitally as well.

Fans should get excited with all the goodies.

Photo: Banner Saga.

System Shock remake by Nightdive Studios is back in action

System Shock is getting a remake by Nightdive Studios.

System Shock was undergoing a remake when they went on a hiatus for quite some time.

Nightdive Studios, the dev team behind the remake, has reported that they’re back in action and continuing the game. The remake has been dormant after a successful funding on Kickstarter because they needed to figure out how to best develop the game with the limited resources they garnered.

Now, they’ve figured it out and the game is ready to continue development. The remake’s hiatus was mainly due to the team looking for ways to improve the game over such a long timespan- feature creep, as some like to call it. Planning this out took many days and ate up a lot of cash raised during the campaign. Thus, days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Development was then stagnant and people had to be laid off to manage the leftover funds. This required some major planning on a ticking budget.

Hopefully, the game will still be a success even on limited funds. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

CEO Stephen Kick of Nightdive Studios states:

“Our intention is to ship exactly the game that was promised, with as much of the features that were promised as we can, in a timeframe that will get it out as fast as we can.”

So far, the game looks like it’ll be released in about two years from now in 2020. The game has been pushed back and may not be good news for backers, but at least the game will be completed the right way and not rushed. Nightdive has also been collecting income from other projects, so a new campaign won’t be needed as well. A teaser version of the game will be released next month to calm the waves of backers who are eager to get some System Shock action.

The original System Shock was released back in 1994 and was a huge success at the time. It’s widely regarded as a classic game where you play as a hacker who fights a computer AI dubbed “SHODAN.” System Shock 2 was later released in 1999.

Garage, a top-down zombie slasher, coming to Nintendo Switch as an exclusive

Garage will be a Switch exclusive.

Garage is a top-down action shooter developed by Zombie Dynamics.

The game is inspired by old-school VHS tapes and B movies. You’re a ex-drug-dealer dubbed “Butch” who’s on a mission to kill tons upon tons of zombies all over the city. Zombies aren’t the only thing trying to kill you through- the military ain’t on your side either.

It’s a pretty unique take on the genre. There are zombie games. And there are top-down Gauntlet-style games. Garage combines both into one game. It’s like Contra with zombies or something in a top-down perspective.

The game takes place in a pretty big underground parking lot that brings Butch to a hidden world infested with gory, violent zombies. The combat system has you mainly using your melee weapon with limited bullets for your guns. There are tons of mutants to fight and each one requires a special way of taking them down. You can’t just hack and slash everything without taking some damage.



Garage is a mix of survival, resource management, hack and slash, shooting, and even some minigames like racing. Every single level has tons of hidden gems that’ll greatly help you out if you explore it. And there are some pretty difficult boss fights as well.

It’ll be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and releases on May 10, 2018. It’s nice to see the support for more “mature” titles on the Switch unlike its predecessor consoles- just like rumor had it. Good work.

Check out more info here.

Image via Nintendo.

State of Decay 2 confirmed to have absolutely no microtransactions

State of Decay 2 will follow a typical DLC setup - most likely with any microtransactions.

State of Decay 2 will be free of microtransactions.

Jeff Strain, the boss of Undead Labs, has stated in a report to IGN that the game won’t have any microtransactions. State of Decay 2 is a huge and anticipated zombie survival game that’s the successor to State of Decay.

The game is planned for release on May 22, 2018 for Windows and Xbox One. It’ll be a Play Anywhere title as well and will be available for Game Pass on launch day (which is just $10 a month).

Instead of plugging the game with cash items, it’ll most likely follow a typical setup of using DLC instead. Players can appreciate this so the game won’t offer any pay-to-win advantages to paying players (or loot crates as well).

Get more info on the launch here.

Image via official site.