The prototype of Cuphead is nothing like the one you know today

On the Cuphead official Twitter account, developers released some early artwork of the game’s development. They tweeted a short clip of the game as a prototype which would eventually evolve into Cuphead– the modern platformer with old-school animation (and a very difficult gameplay style).

After watching the short tweet, the prototype has little-to-no similarities to the final Cuphead we all know and love (and hate). The only things that even look remotely related to the final product are the giant bosses. Developing a game is typically a reserved process unless it’s a crowdfunded sort of project. The process is always interesting to document especially if it’s an indie title that went viral.

Cuphead is one of them. The game sold over 3M copies and was released on Xbox One and PC. The first upcoming DLC is about to be released sometime in 2019, so the game is still going. Plans to expand the game to other consoles is still unconfirmed at this point in time.