Top picks for horror games this year, get your spook on

It’s almost October. This means it’s time to bring out the horror games.

Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or you’re just looking for something to play, here are my top recommendations for this upcoming Halloween.

Note that I scare pretty easily, so these may be a walk through Disneyland for you. But personally, these are some horror games that I’d probably never play without the lights on. Ever again.

I’m going to keep these brief. Because spoilers.

The Sinking City

An action-adventure game with an HP Lovecraft style. Lots of horrific visions as you guide Charles Reed through the city. This was has an emphasis on the story with a lot of emotional peaks.

Layers of Fear 2

Although this one was terrible compared to the first game, there are still plenty of cheap jumpscares. Jumpscares all around! Lots of scares and plenty of simple puzzle-solving.


A first-person psychological horror game with plenty of weird stuff. Not something that you’d probably want to play if you’re afraid of hallways. Just think about dolls, women in hallways, and lots of books.

Pathologic 2

Lots of cinematics and narration. You basically need to help everyone in a town that’s ridden with an outbreak. The game has some pretty artwork and the game’s pacing is rather slow. But there’s a lot more “tense” moments overall compared to cheap jumpscares.


Another take on the milked Chernobyl disaster. You get to play through a destroyed world with a full crafting system and plenty of exploration. The game has a weak plot, but at has the freedom of allowing you to do what you want. It’s more of a horror themed exploration game.

And there you have it. Not many horror games actually came out this year that really appealed to me. The majority of them were all the same stuff, so I tried to play some of the more “unique” offerings.

Do you have any to recommend?