Wargroove won't have cross-platform on the PS4, releases July 23 1

Wargroove won’t have cross-platform on the PS4, releases July 23

Wargroove will be coming to PS4 on July 23.

Developer Chucklefish has ported their indie hit Wargroove over to the PS4 for release next week. The game was originally released in February, and now the PS4 will receive its own port.

The port was done by Blitworks, who has tons of experience in this field. They also made the Xbox One version and look at how that turned out. The PS4 version will have everything the base game of Wargroove has, minus a few tidbits here and there.

PlayStation owners will get to play through the deep strategy and customization levels of this long-winded campaign and various puzzles and quests. The game also supports co-op mode online and offline,and competitive modes also.

One thing to note about the PS4 version is that it won’t have any cross-platform play. This is probably my biggest gripe with it. If only all the consoles and PC would unite, then the potential playerbase would be much bigger, matches would be matched faster, and we’d get to play against a variety of opponents. The other platforms will support cross-platform, but not Sony’s version.

However, all the community content will be downloadable and your own custom stuff can be uploaded. Pretty cool.

The Switch version offers the portability, but the console and PC versions don’t. So if you’re on the go, try looking into the Switch version.

Also, the PC version supports mods, but not the console versions.

Wargroove rolls out on 7/23 for the PS4. This will make it available on PC, Xbox One, and Switch.